Accreditation & Document Management

Accreditation is essential for every lab

Accreditation by internationally recognized agencies such as ISO, Joint Commission International (JCI) or College of American Pathologists (CAP) is fast becoming the cornerstone of quality excellence in a clinical laboratory.

Key Benefits of Accreditation

  • Independent and expert confirmation of your quality standards
  • International recognition as a center of excellence
  • Increased customer confidence in your results
  • Sense of accomplishment in your team
  • Meet and exceed regulatory requirements

Labnetworx Capabilities

At Labnetworx, we believe that quality systems are best adopted when they are a part of the laboratory's culture and work practices. However the laboratory will have to align these practices with the specific requirements of each agency in order to achieve their goal of accreditation. Labnetworx is staffed by qualified laboratory professionals who have experience in taking clinical laboratories successfully through the assessments of leading accreditation agencies. We will work with your team, identify lacunae, train laboratory staff, provide tools and implement systems in a time-bound manner.


We will audit your current level of preparedness for an assessment using a detailed checklist and in consultation with the management decide on the scope of accreditation for your laboratory. At this stage a steering committee will be formed within your organization to take this project forward.


Detailed plan with clearly identified responsibilities and time-lines to meet with accreditation requirements. This may include creating the frame-work of the quality system, preparation of the quality manual, implementing quality assurance systems, proficiency testing requirements etc..


Identify training gaps and provide training in the use of quality systems. Some of your team members may need to attend training programs conducted by the accreditation agencies as well. We will perform mock inspections and assessments to get your team used to the process.

Quality Management Solution

We will provide software tools and templates that will make it easy for your laboratory to document your quality systems in an easy-to-use and uniform format. In a clinical laboratory, your team is already extremely busy with reporting on patient results. Integration of these tools with your workflow will use the productivity gains from IT solutions for documentation, reporting and retrieval.


Labqualityworx is a quality management system dedicated to clinical laboratories and has three major components: 

  • An Electronic Documentation and Team Collaboration System that meets the 'document control' requirements of accreditation agencies such as ISO & CAP
  • Templates for quality documents and records that help you to quickly prepare and maintain your standards
  • Training 
Preparation and maintenance of quality documentation that can meet the standards of accreditation agencies is an extremely arduous and extensive task - one that needs the entire team to participate and collaborate. Paper-based systems need a lot of space, need dedicated resources for maintenance and are difficult to retrieve.
Security of the lab's SOPs and access are two other issues that challenge the laboratory management. 

Labqualityworx will help you by: 

  • Converting your paper-based system to an electronic document store that is centralized and easy to prepare and maintain.
  • Productivity is enhanced tremendously as the entire team can collaborate seamlessly in preparing and maintaining the policies, procedures and records.
  • Access to documents is based on an individual's rights and permissions set by the management
  • Security is assured so that even if a document is copied or sent out of the organization, it cannot be opened and read by anyone else.
  • Finding and retrieving documents is easy - another time saving feature.


Labnetworx will be with you every step of the way from pre-assessment to the final assessment and beyond; We will notify you of any changes in regulations and also perform regular internal audits and repeat trainings to ensure that your quality systems are current.

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