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Labnetworx CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a strategy for managing your organization's interaction with patients, corporate clients & referring doctors. Typically it uses technology to organize, record, share, automate and synchronize all your processes including sales, marketing, operations and customer support.

Benefits of CRM

  • Contact information, such as email, mobile phone numbers and address, is in an electronic format that make communication easy.
  • Sales related information such as most profitable accounts and tests are available in real-time basis.
  • Marketing is able to prioritize actions and measure effectiveness. Test information can be targeted better.
  • Customer complaints can be recorded, assigned to the right people and followed up till resolution.
  • The 360 degree view of your operations improves quality and efficiency, reduces cost of operations, enhances reputation and ultimately makes your organization more profitable.
Earlier tools such as CRM were only available to large enterprises as they were expensive, complex, difficult to use and implementation was difficult. With the advent of Cloud Computing, CRM has now become available to small and medium laboratories and clinics.

Labnetworx is pleased to announce the launch of Labnetworx Customer Relationship Management Solution that is designed to address the needs of clinical laboratories.

Features of Labnetworx CRM

  • Based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online, it is a 'Cloud' based application that manages all aspects of your relationship with clients (clinicians) and customers (patients)
  • Available as a low-cost 'subscription' model and designed to help pathology practices improve all aspects of sales, marketing & patient support.
  • Labnetworx, a Microsoft Online Services Partner will support implementation and training.
  • Designed to increase sales, improve customer satisfaction with your laboratory services and automate your laboratory's manual processes.

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