Healthcare Information Technology

Laboratories are the 'Information' business

Clinical laboratories are in the business of providing information to their patients. Information processing and presentation are the most important functions of the laboratory.What is your laboratory's infrastructure for information processing? If you do not have a constantly evolving IT infrastructure, your laboratory practice may not be living up to its full potential.

Key Benefits of a Laboratory Information System (LIS)

  • Manage higher workloads with fewer personnel
  • Reduce laboratory errors. 
  • Better documentation for legal and accreditation requirements
  • Integrate satellite centers, collection centers with main laboratory
  • Enter validated data only once across the enterprise
  • Report results through multiple media - print, email, fax, remote terminal, smart phones, tablets

Labnetworx Capabilities

Our core competency is the planning, design, development, installation and maintenance of clinical laboratory information systems. We will support all sizes and types of laboratories - from small, single location facilities to hospital laboratories to multi-location laboratories with extensive operations spread across the country.Our specialists have real-life experience and will approach the solution from a laboratory perspective. We will provide comprehensive solutions integrate the technical, business and people aspects to ensure that you can transform into an 'e-lab' quickly and cost-effectively.Customer expectations from laboratories now include reports sent to them through email, web access, mobile phones in addition to the printed format. In situation where patient activism is on the rise, your lab needs stringent and secure information systems capable of delivering the report to the right recipient.
Some of our capabilities and services include: 

Laboratory Portal

Your laboratory will have a presence on the world wide web and your customers will get easy and ready access to your testing capabilities. Web enable your laboratory by integrating required processes with the Internet. 

Database Management

Information capture, processing and re-use can add significantly to your lab's competitive advantage. Let our specialists help you get the maximum mileage from the information stream that flows through your lab. 

Implementing a LIS

For laboratories that do not yet have an information system, there is no time like the present to invest in one. While IT systems have become very powerful, the cost of deploying extensive networks has become very affordable even for small organizations.

Custom Development

The interface of healthcare and IT is impacted by rapid changes in both technologies. Development of custom solutions may be the only way your lab can respond to these changes. Allow our specialists to plan, design and implement these innovative ideas, while your technical staff continues to be busy with the important work of reporting patient results. 

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