University Degrees in Good Manufacturing Practices

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) constitute an international set of guidelines for the manufacture of drugs and medical devices in order to ensure the production of quality products. GMP protocols are being adopted and followed in over 100 countries including US, Japan, EU & Australia.

University of Technology Sydney has partnered with SeerPharma, Asia Pacific’s leading provider of technical compliance & QA knowledge to deliver innovative, university-accredited graduate programs in Good Manufacturing Practices.

To help students from India to access these courses, SeerPharma has selected Labnetworx to be its partner for India. SeerPharma has been delivering these courses in Australia for the last 12 years and the majority of students who have completed their Masters Degree during this time are from India. We therefore already have a strong connection with India. 

These programs are best suited for students who seek in-depth knowledge of regulations, compliance, process development and quality assurance in the pharmaceutical, medical device & biotechnology sectors.  Students will gain expert knowledge of Quality and GMP to meet TGA, FDA, EU & PIC/S requirement. These factors are important for career development in the pharmaceutical industry both in Australia and globally. Typically, students who graduate find jobs in Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Production, Validation, Development and even Regulatory departments. The programs are unique in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region and will help students to build relationships with pharmaceutical industry.

India is emerging as a powerhouse in the pharma and related industries. Its companies and their employees will benefit from this course conducted by SeerPharma’s experienced personnel. 

Admission requirements 

Applicants must have completed a UTS recognised bachelor’s degree, or an equivalent or higher qualification, or submitted other evidence of general and professional qualifications that demonstrates potential to pursue graduate studies. 

The above qualifications must be in one of the following related disciplines: > Natural and Physical Sciences > Pharmacy > Engineering and Related Technologies.

For more information about this course, please visit the University of Technology Sydney website.

UTS CRICOS Provider No: 00099F

For admission related queries from India, please contact Labnetworx at:

Phone: +91-85273-17888



From concept to completion...

Our strength lies in our ability to successfully identify and bring together all the necessary components of a project to meet your most pressing challenges and demanding needs.

By combining value enhancing prototyping expertise with cost-effective engineering we can find solutions to any unique challenge.

Manufacturers make standardized products to appeal to the greatest number of users, targeting the broadest customer base and the largest market segment. Even a product considered ideal in almost every way by a majority of users will leave others wanting, in some respect.

BMDS produces state-of-the-art equipment to meet the requirements of the entire bio medical research community. Some clients will need assistance with systems integration, installation modifications or performance enhancements to meet their particular requirements. Sometimes, only custom installations can satisfy the work environment.

To meet their needs we provide design and engineering services, as well as prototype fabrication. Internal metal and plastic fabrication divisions enable us to be a very responsive vendor with comprehensive capabilities. We apply our talents, creativity and technology to develop a custom solution to achieve your goals, as well as our own. 

Rapid Prototyping

We have invested in the latest CNC, and Stereolithography equipment to give our design department the flexibility to met our customers needs. We can take concept to reality in a very short period of time to demonstrate design concepts with real world prototypes. Using state-of-the-art CNC software and equipment, BMDS can quickly machine prototypes in plastic, aluminum, steel, or virtually any other engineering material, directly from your CAD data. CNC prototypes are ideal for situations where physical prototypes are needed for demanding functional tests, or when the physical size of the parts makes other prototyping methods cost prohibitive. CNC rapid prototypes are cost-effective in applications where the material property or size requirements make other prototyping techniques unsuitable. 

Custom Fabrication 

We are a full service supplier focusing on precision machining, engineered assembly and custom fabrication.  Since inception, BMDS has offered only the highest quality service and technical solutions to meet our customers most demanding requirements.  Each job is viewed as an opportunity to build a relationship that lasts well beyond the duration of the project.  Our dedicated staff will work with you to ensure that each order progresses smoothly from start to on-time delivery. The BMDS machinists and technicians are known for their diverse cross training and an attention to detail that is second to none.  All of our products are produced with a distinct focus on quality. The recently expanded production facility provides an exceptional work space for our new fully certified fabrication department with far reaching capabilities, as well as the engineered assembly division. With our continued investment in technology and equipment, we maximize our customer’s probability for success in the marketplace.

Tailored Installation & Configuration

The staff of engineers, fabricators, and sales executives will work closely with your IT department, and end users for on site installation and configuration of your custom solution. We have a staff dedicated to training and support of all BMDS products, with on-site and in-house training available.